Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What does that mean? (plus an amazing dessert recipe)

What does that mean? 
Read the peach highlighted section.

2 TBSP of Cary's sugar free equals a free food. 
What does that mean?  

Food Labels/ Nutrition Facts are already misleading and confusing, then they say things like this...

Why would you eat something when you can not pronounce it let alone have any clue what it is?

Why do we add all this shit to our food When Nature made things pretty dam tasty? I do not need the all natural added ingredient castoreum(-->Beaver anal glands<--)

The best way to beat a label is to eat things with little to no added ingredients.  My Meat should say "Hormone free, grass fed/vegetarian fed, happy, local, Meat", my veggies should say " organic and local vegetables", my nuts should say "contains raw nuts."

More on labels at a later date.

Make things yours self!!

Try this!

Vanilla Coconut Banana Ice Cream
I promise this recipe will taste better then that store bought crap.
This is a dessert for those of us with a sweet tooth indulge, enjoy sparingly.

2 cups of Almond/rice/soy milk
1 vanilla bean
1 tbsp vanilla extract
1 ripe banana
2 ounces Coconut oil
pinch shredded unsweetened coconut 
2 tsp lemon olive oil (or olive oil and lemon juice)
shot or two vodka
Honey to taste(really does not need it)

poor and blend all ingredients
heat on stove top till warm stirring constantly
simmer for 2 min 
remove from heat
poor in container 
cover with plastic wrap touching the liquid so there is no room for condensation 
place in fridge stir occasionally while it cools
place in freezer door(this will hopefully keep it from getting to hard)
stir when possible(no worries if you can't) 
leave it over night

How to eat:
remove from freezer 
if it is not soft wait let it sit

Stay Healthy :)

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