Monday, August 6, 2012

Quick Grain Free Cereal

Cinnamon Blueberry Bliss 

This is a quick, easy and healthy cereal.  No grains, gluten, or processed food of any kind. Just nutrient packed seeds, omega 3 fat filled almonds, Blueberries, coconut and a dash of cinnamon. This will keep you full and energized for a way longer then any cereal you find in your local grocery store.  


1/8 cup Ground Flax seed
1/8 cup Whole Hemp seed
1/8 cup blueberries (or fruit of choice)
1/2 cup almonds
Tbsp chia seeds
Tbsp coconut shavings
Dash of cinnamon 

I suggest an unsweetened (homemade if possible) almond milk or raw milk.


Mix all ingredients, Stir and enjoy!
It can thicken pretty quickly so enjoy immediately.

Stay Healthy :)

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