Saturday, August 4, 2012

A little bit of me, a dash of nutrition & a delicious recipe for a long and healthy life

A little bit of me, a dash of nutrition & a delicious recipe for a long and healthy life

Nutrition is the base of how we grow and live.  It can lead to a long healthy life or it can leave your time cut short.  Whether you are an athlete or the so called average joe, focusing on nutrition will allow for your body to notice and adapt to your hard work. It will change to ensure you are being the best you, you can be, thats all it wants!

How are you going to "Destroy Your Workout" if there is no fuel to ignite?

Just like anyone I have struggled being healthy and staying fit.  I have been misinformed my whole life about diet and exercise.  Even after years of being in the health and fitness industry I am learning I still have to keep changing my diets/exercise/lifestyle/habits to make a healthier, happier me.

Paleo, eating primal, the caveman diet, whatever you want to call it it just makes sense to me and did long before I studied the idea.  My new diet has changed my life, my energy level it up, my hunger is down, sweet craving are gone and I am enjoying more  flavor then I knew existed(everything processed is sweetened when you take it out of the equation your taste buds will thank you).  Not only has it changed me but its changed my impact on the environment and the way I approach my food.  I only eat grass fed/free roaming/cage free/vegetarian/wild fish, meats and eggs.  I make sure my food source and a long healthy and happy life.  My vegetable are all organic locally grown(except for some exotic fruits and veggies).  I have become more apart of a community just by changing the way I eat.

Todays Lunch:  Happy Farm B Burger (Beef/Bacon/Brussels Sprouts)
A quick look: Hidden spice grass fed beef burger topped with avocado and jalapeno goat chess served with bacon garlic brussels sprout stir fry.  Accompanied by mint peach lemonade that seems to cleanse the palette just enough so every bit is a delicious as the first.

2lbs Grass fed beef or Grass fed bison for a more gamey taste 
2lbs Thick cut bacon 
2 lemons
1 yellow, red, orange or green pepper
1lbs brussels sprouts 
1 onion 
2 to 4 avocados
Spices: Pepper, Lyres, basil, rosemary, thyme
Goat cheese flavor of your choice.

1) Cut all veggies first. 
Half Brussels sprouts
Dice- onion, garlic, peppers
Add lemon juice to bowl with peppers.
1b) cut avocado slices and place in fridge

2) Mix beef, diced pepper, onion and spices.
roll into quarter pound balls and place in fridge.

3) Cut bacon int small bit size or small pieces.
Cook bacon as desired.
leaving bacon fat in pan remove bacon and add Brussels sprouts.
After a min add onion, garlic and peppers,
After 3 min add bacon and mix well. 
Remove from heat.

4) Cook burgers as desired serve with avocado slices and goat cheese on top with to bacon garlic Brussels sprout on the side.

Mint peach Lemonade:
Mint leaves
Lemon juice
Optional- sweetener

Boil water and mint leaves for a minute or two. 
Remove mint leaves poor water into pitcher(after it cools a bit).
Blend frozen peaches and small amount of boiled mint leaves till pieces are as small as you can get them.
Add lemon juice to the water.
Add blended ingredients to lemon water and chill.
Add all natural sweetener till at desired sweetness.

Stay Healthy :)

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